Food Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Health and Hygiene Policy

During forest school sessions a ‘nil by mouth’ policy operates with regard to items found in the forest school area.

Only food taken from pre-school will be consumed.

In all pre-school food and cooking related activities, everything used should be suitable for consumption by all children in the group, with regard to allergies/intolerances, and religious/cultural dietary restrictions. The only exception being milk for drinking.

A list of dietary restrictions is kept in the pre-school kitchen and should be consulted when planning food related activities and provision of snacks.

Children bringing packed lunches are free to eat that which their parents have provided with the exception of crisps and chocolate/sweets. Children are encouraged to drink water from a cup at lunch time and milk or water from a cup during the session.

When hot drinks are provided care should be taken to ensure that these are cool enough for the children to drink immediately.

Any cases of food poisoning, affecting two or more children on the premises, will be notified to OFSTED as soon as possible and within 14 days of the incident

Food Hygiene
Additions to policies needed following food hygiene training (November 2012) are to be put into place immediately and are as follows

Thermometer in fridge, temperature to be recorded daily in risk assessment, safe temperature 5 degrees or below recommended, 8 degrees legal

Anti-bacterial sprays and cleaning products should be used in line with manufacturer’s instructions, all staff responsible for doing this

Hand washing – do not assume children know how to wash hands effectively, continuous support for this

Lunch boxes – we can safely store these in the room for four hours but will store them on the trolley in the back room when this is cooler

Warm milk – in cold weather milk can be warmed for children but it must be used immediately and must not be reheated, current guidelines suggest that the use of plastics in microwaves is detrimental to long term health; we will need a china jug for microwave use

Cakes – when parents bring homemade cakes for birthdays etc we are liable for any issues relating to these, therefore cakes brought in by children will now be wrapped and sent home with children to enable parents to make their own decision about consumption by their children

Eggs used should be Lion branded

Washing up – children will continue to be encouraged to wash up but cups and plates should then have a hot rinse in the kitchen

Buckets for food/drink waste and the tissue bucket should be washed and disinfected daily

Food should not be stored between 5 - 63 degrees for no more than 4 hours for cold food and 2 hours for hot food.

Fruit and vegetables to be washed before use

All staff should attend Food Hygiene training as soon as this can be arranged

Policy reviewed February 2017

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