Emergency Evacuation Procedure

At the start of each term (three times a year) the emergency evacuation procedure will be practised on sufficient days in a week to ensure that all children and adults can take part. All new children, Stafford students joining the preschool between practises will have the procedure explained to them, as will parent helpers and other visitors to the preschool.

The whistle, keys, register, emergency evacuation rings chain and mobile phone will be kept on the mantle piece near the garden door at all times when not in use.

On hearing the alarm (whistle), all staff and children should gather outside the garden door, excepting the member of staff nearest to the entrance hall and toilet area will ensure that any children in these areas are escorted to the garden door.

The emergency evacuation ring chain should the. Be passed to the children, two children to hold each ring. One member of staff will then lead the children towards the near gate, with another member of staff counting the children and adults. The manager or session leader is responsible for ensuring that the whistle, register and mobile phone are taken, with the register being the most important item.

The near gate will then be unlocked and everyone will proceed to the end of the path, near to the conked trees, to the left of the front of the building, this being the fire assembly point. At this point the manager of session leader will take the register for all children and adults, while another member of staff confirms the previous headcount total and checks this against the register total for the session.

Should it not be possible to exit via the garden door, the front door will be used and access to the fire assembly point will be via the car park.

The manager/session leader or an adult designated by the manager/session leader will be responsible for notifying the emergency services, in the event of an actual accident, and ensuring that the emergency services are aware of any persons unaccounted for.

The manager/session leader or a designated adult will be responsible for contacting parents and carers in the event of an actual incident.

In the event of an actual incident nobody should return to the building until cleared to do so by the emergency services.

If the procedure is a practice, the children will be escorted back to the building, holding the ring chain, with the adult at the front of the line counting the children as they enter the building and confirming the total with the Manager/session leader. The children should be congratulated on their response to the practice and their questions answered.

The manager/session leader will complete the record, which is kept in the front of the register, recording date, time, evacuation time, numbers of adults and children present and whether the procedure was a practice or an emergency evacuation.

All fire extinguishers are the responsibility of the Jubillee Hall Committee who have these serviced regularly, when a certificate should be issued. This service is usually carried out in February. There is a fire blanket and dry foam multipurpose extinguisher in the kitchen, and extinguishers are located in the reception area and main hall.

In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, the main concern of all adults present should be to ensure the prompt and safe evacuation of the children.

Policy reviewed and updated February 2017 by Dawn Higgs

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