Drugs and Alcohol Policy

The use of drugs or alcohol is not permitted during pre-school sessions, staff must ensure that they are able to carry out their duties safely and competently at all times and this includes being free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any staff member found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be deemed to have committed an act of gross misconduct.

If staff have sound reason to believe that the adult collecting a child is adversely under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the adult will be invited to wait at pre-school while another adult can be contacted to collect the child.

If this is not possible staff will contact Social Services to take advice on the situation.

If staff have concerns regarding parents/carers/staff members or visiting adults relating to the use of drugs and/or alcohol these concerns should be raised with the pre-school manager who will seek advice from Social Services or, in the case of staff and visiting adults, will ensure that the correct procedures are followed e.g. disciplinary procedure.

Parents/carers/staff members/visiting adults who wish to discuss issues and problems that they may be experiencing will be supported to access appropriate advice and support.

Policy updated January 2017

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