Behaviour Management Policy

At St Helen’s Pre-school we encourage adults and children to behave in a polite and caring manner at all times with adults presenting themselves as good role models for the children. Young children need varying amounts of support and encouragement to develop social skills and to build their confidence and self-esteem. We use the attached Behaviour management Guidelines to ensure that all children feel valued and feel themselves to be a part of the pre-school community.

The named practitioner for Behaviour Management is the pre-school manager – Dawn Higgs, all concerns should initially be addressed to this person.

Children are encouraged to behave in a positive manner, to respect others, be kind to others and to work with staff and other children to resolve conflict. We have due regard for the Prevent Duty (, 2015), promoting respect for the views and opinions for others, showing compassion and care for others. We model good behaviour, help children understand right from wrong, challenge stereotypes and prejudice.

We use positive praise and comments to emphasis and encourage desirable behaviour. When undesirable behaviour arises we encourage children to think about how this affects others and work with them to find a resolution.

If a child behaves inappropriately, causing injury to another child, both children will be comforted and supported – this can be frightening for both the injured child and the child who has caused the injury and careful, sympathetic handling at this stage can help to prevent recurrence. If First Aid is needed this will be administered following the appropriate procedure. Each child will then be supported to understand what has happened.

If a parent is concerned about behaviour management issues they should, in the first instance, speak to the pre-school manager, Dawn Higgs.

If a parent is still concerned following this discussion they should respond formally by completing a complaints form.

If a parent is not happy with the response to their complaint they should contact the registration authority OFSTED. Contact details can be found on the information board in the entrance hall.

The attached Behaviour Management guidelines form a part of this policy.

Policy updated January 2017

Dawn Higgs

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